My Stepmoms Daughter Is My Ex
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My Stepmoms Daughter Is My Ex (2022)


Mizuto e Yume eram namorados super-apaixonadinhos no fundamental, mas desentendimentos bobos e frustração acumulada os fizeram terminar o namoro. Anos depois, eles se reencontram de uma maneira que ninguém esperava: a mãe de Yume casou com o pai de Mizuto! Agora eles terão que voltar a estudar juntos no mesmo colégio, fingindo que são irmãos de verdade e escondendo seu antigo relacionamento de seus colegas, e tentando não sentir nada um pelo outro quando voltam juntos do colégio ou quando se trombam na saída do banho...

Hiro Shimono

Hiro Shimono

Mizuto Irido (voice)
Rina Hidaka

Rina Hidaka

Yume Irido (voice)
Ikumi Hasegawa

Ikumi Hasegawa

Akatsuki Minami (voice)
Nobuhiko Okamoto

Nobuhiko Okamoto

Kogure Kawanami (voice)
Miyu Tomita

Miyu Tomita

Isana Higashira (voice)
Ai Kayano

Ai Kayano

Yuni Irido (voice)
Kazuyuki Okitsu

Kazuyuki Okitsu

Mineaki Irido (voice)
Tasuku Kaito

Tasuku Kaito

Male Student (voice), Male Student A (voice)
Akari Tadano

Akari Tadano

Receptionist (voice), Background (voice)
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My Stepmoms Daughter Is My Ex11

1 - Como os ex-namorados chamam um ao outro. É nisso em você que eu não...

Mizuto and Yume used to date, but now theyve suddenly become stepsiblings. Both of them agree that they dont want to do anything thatd disappoint their newly remarried parents. However, neither of them can accept the other as being the eldest sibling in the relationship. So they both agree to settle the matter with a game. Whoever does something in conflict with what people might consider normal sibling behavior, loses. Making them the younger sibling.

My Stepmoms Daughter Is My Ex12

2 - Cuidados entre ex-namorados. Pelo que sei são 38 graus de temperatura.

After entering high school, Yume was making an effort to change her personality and looks in an attempt to reinvent herself as a model student. It was all so far so good, but there was one thing she couldnt change about herself. She was never very athletic. On the day of the physical fitness test and body measurement check at school, a melancholy Yume is approached by Minami Akatsuki, a girl from the same class. Meanwhile, Mizuto is as disinterested as ever...

My Stepmoms Daughter Is My Ex13

3 - Os ex-namorados admitem. Não fez nada de estranho, certo?

Its nighttime at the Irido residence. Yume has somehow found herself with Mizutos boxers in her possession. If Mizuto were to find out, it would almost certainly mean she would have to face the punishment of admitting to being the younger sibling. Hoping to avoid this outcome, Yume waits for Mizuto to fall asleep before heading to the bathroom to return his underwear to the laundry basket. But who does she pass in the hallway, but a bewildered Mizuto, mouth agape, with Yumes very own bra dangling from his grasp.

My Stepmoms Daughter Is My Ex14

4 - Isso não é o que você diria

As punishment for the underwear incident, Mizuto demands Yume go on a date with him. Yume is taken aback by the sudden development, but little did she know that it was all part of Kawanami Kogures devious plan, a plan to shatter Minami Akatsukis delusional dreams of marrying Mizuto only to become Yumes doting little sister. And how else to do it but to show her that Yume only has eyes for Mizuto?

My Stepmoms Daughter Is My Ex15

5 - Os ex-namorados passam a noite na casa de outra pessoa. De nada.

Its Mothers Day, so Yume and Mizuto go out to buy a gift together. Their mother, Yuni, is overcome with happiness to receive a gift from the two of them. Seeing how happy it made her, Mizuto wonders if itd be nice to give their parents some time to be newlyweds together. However, there isnt much they can do for them on a high schoolers budget. So Mizuto suggests that he and Yume spend the night somewhere instead.

My Stepmoms Daughter Is My Ex16

6 - Os ex-namorados vão para competir. Não me faça de boba!!

The first midterms of the school year are upon them. Once the top scoring student in the schools entrance exam and now a talented student at the top of her year, Yume is anxious to defend her position as a model student. She is displeased, however, to discover Mizutos relaxed approach to studying. The two later butt heads again, over something Mizuto did during their Japanese exam. Yume berates Mizuto for his actions while Mizuto retaliates in kind.

My Stepmoms Daughter Is My Ex17

7 - Higashira Isana não sabe o que é o amor

Due to their mutual interest in light novels, Isana considered Mizuto a dear friend. However, Yume and Akatsuki make her realize that her feelings for him may run much deeper than that. Now aware of her true feelings, Isana wishes to become Mizutos girlfriend. Unfortunately, he doesnt seem to be reacting to her advances. Yume and Akatsuki try to give her advice, but it doesnt quite go according to plan.

My Stepmoms Daughter Is My Ex18

8 - Os ex-namorados tomam cuidado. Eu já fui rejeitada, não tem perigo.

Isana is coming over to the Irido house this weekend to hang out with Mizuto. Suspecting that she may not know how to properly dress for the occasion, Yume and Akatsuki invite Isana out to go clothes shopping the day before. Unfortunately, however, every outfit she tries on ends up looking inappropriate due to the size of her breasts. Akatsuki suggests that she try on something with a softer silhouette similar to Yumes usual style, seeing this as an opportunity to pick out new clothes for Yume to try on too. Yume then reminisces about a date she had in middle school.

My Stepmoms Daughter Is My Ex19

9 - Indiscrição juvenil

We are brought back in time to when Yume and Mizuto were once a couple. A time when neither of them could control their nerves in what was their first ever relationship. Having already held hands and kissed before, the young couple are eager to take the next step. Spring break passes, however, with neither able to make the first move. Upon entering their third and final year of middle school, the two are regrettably put into separate classes. Alas, unable to spend as much time together as before, they both begin to grow apart.