Flower of Evil
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Flower of Evil (2020)


Baik Hee Sung, um homem de família comum, é na realidade um psicopata cujo passado está cheio de crime e violência. A sua vida sem esperança muda completamente depois de conhecer a sua futura esposa. Ele teve de falsificar tudo sobre si mesmo para se casar com ela. A sua esposa, Cha Ji Won, começa a duvidar do seu marido como suspeito de um caso de homicídio. Ela fica emocionalmente dominada pela traição, e enfurece-se à medida que os segredos por trás do seu marido se revelam. A história vai atrair a fé e a verdade entre um homem e uma mulher que mais confiaram e se amaram.

Lee Joon-gi

Lee Joon-gi

Baek Hee-sung / Do Hyun-soo
Moon Chae-won

Moon Chae-won

Cha Ji-won
Jang Hee-jin

Jang Hee-jin

Do Hae-soo
Seo Hyun-woo

Seo Hyun-woo

Kim Moo-jin
Jung Seo-yeon

Jung Seo-yeon

Baek Eun-ha
Nam Gi-ae

Nam Gi-ae

Gong Mi-ja
Son Jong-hak

Son Jong-hak

Baek Man-woo
Jo Kyung-sook

Jo Kyung-sook

Moon Young-ok
Choi Dae-hoon

Choi Dae-hoon

Lee Woo-chul
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Flower of Evil11

1 - My Dad Tried To Kill Me

When a young boy accuses his father of trying to kill him, Cha Ji-won investigates. An unwelcome reminder of Do Hyeon-sus past walks into his shop.

Flower of Evil12

2 - Missing Thumbnails

The police wonder whether they have a copycat killer on their hands when a dead woman is discovered with an unusual injury. Kim Moo-jin remains tied up.

Flower of Evil13

3 - Something is Off

A man is found murdered inside a restaurant. Hyeon-su is caught off-guard when Ji-won and her team show up at Moo-jins apartment.

Flower of Evil14

4 - The Real Culprit

Ji-won tracks down Hyeon-sus sister. Hyeon-su and Moo-jin scheme to keep an incriminating photo out of the polices grasp.

Flower of Evil15

5 - The Watch Strap

Hyeon-su is kidnapped. As the police scramble to catch the taxi driver, Ji-won is horrified to realize that her husband is the victim.

Flower of Evil16

6 - The Witness

Ji-won begins to question everything she knows about her husband. Meanwhile, Baek Man-u urges Hyeon-su to protect their secrets.

Flower of Evil17

7 - I Know You

After Moo-jins claims about Do Min-seoks accomplice go viral, Do Hae-su appears in front of him. Ji-won gets a glimpse into Hyeon-sus past.

Flower of Evil18

8 - Reinvestigation

Reunited with his sister, Hyeon-su asks whether she remembers the man from their fathers funeral. Ji-won eavesdrops on their conversation.

Flower of Evil19

9 - I'll Find the Accomplice

A mans voice on an audio recording triggers Hyeon-sus memories. Ji-won tells Hyeon-su her feelings for him have changed.

Flower of Evil110

10 - Hyeon-su's Deal

Determined to save the trafficked victims and to learn the identity of his fathers accomplice, Hyeon-su puts himself at risk with a call to the police.

Flower of Evil111

11 - Can't Leave Without You

Choi Jae-seop wants Ji-won to sit out on the case, but she refuses to listen. Hyeon-sus plan to bring down Yeom Sang-cheol goes sideways.

Flower of Evil112

12 - Hyeon-su is not a Bad Person

To spare her from worry, Hyeon-su keeps another secret from Ji-won. Hae-su decides its time to come clean about the villagers murder.

Flower of Evil113

13 - The Invisible Accomplice

Man-u and Gong Mi-ja are ready for Ji-won and Hyeon-su when they arrive for a confrontation. The next day, another dead body is found.

Flower of Evil114

14 - An Unwelcome Guest

While framed for a murder he didnt commit, Hyeon-su sets out to save the life of his fathers victim. Ji-won puts her daughter in Hae-sus care.

Flower of Evil115

15 - Detective Cha is Dead

The police leak a false story to the press hoping to lure out the true culprit. Hyeon-su and his fathers accomplice finally meet.