The Last Empress

The Last Empress (2018)

DramaAction & AdventureMistério15

Esta série é sobre uma atriz de musicais que se casou com o Imperador e encontra o amor e a felicidade lutando contra o poder absoluto da Família Real.

Jang Na-ra

Jang Na-ra

Oh Ssu-Ni
Choi Jin-hyuk

Choi Jin-hyuk

Na Wang-shik
Shin Sung-rok

Shin Sung-rok

Lee Hyuk
Lee Elijah

Lee Elijah

Min Yoo-ra
Shin Eun-kyung

Shin Eun-kyung

Empress Dowager Kang
Oh Seung-yun

Oh Seung-yun

Oh Ah-Rin

Oh Ah-Rin

Park Won-sook

Park Won-sook

Grand Empress Dowager Jo
Lee Hee-jin

Lee Hee-jin

Princess Soo-jin
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The Last Empress11

1 - A Luncheon with the Emperor

In the present, mysterious skeletal remains are found on Ehwa Palace grounds with a necklace worth 2.2 million dollars thought to be a gift of the Emperor to the Empress. Jumping back one year earlier, at a luncheon with selected people, the Emperor meets Oh Sunny for the second time. In the blink of an eye, the event turns into a hostage situation where the Emperor and the people almost lose their lives.

The Last Empress13

3 - A Hit-and-Run

The Emperor hits and kills Wang Shiks mother with his car. With Wang Shik just behind him, the Emperor loads her body and escapes. Yu Ra convinces him to trust her and tells him to dump the body. She then helps him create an alibi. Meanwhile, the Emperor orders Mr. Ma to destroy any evidence of him being in Bichido.

The Last Empress15

5 - The Empress Dowager Underestimates Ms. Min

As the Imperial Family gathers to celebrate the Grand Empress Dowagers World Peace Award, Oh Sunny appears on behalf of the Empress Dowagers request to put on a show. But really, shes there to be introduced as the Emperors significant other. Wang Shik suffers a devastating fall but is rescued by a villager before the Emperors men can finish their job. Meanwhile, the Empress Dowager threatens Ms. Min to stay away from the Emperor.

The Last Empress17

7 - Wedding Preparations

Transformed and well-trained, Na Wang Shik, who is now Chun Woo Bin, gets one step closer to fulfilling his revenge. The Emperor hires him as an Imperial Guard. Preparations for the wedding of the century begin, and the two families undergo customary traditions in style. Meanwhile, the Empress Dowager banishes Min Yu Ra from the palace.

The Last Empress19

9 - Tell Me Its Not True

Without knowing Yu Ras devious ways, Wang Shik contacts her to meet face to face. When he approaches her, he gets a glimpse of Ma Pil and decides to abort for Yu Ras sake. Later, his vigilance teaches him of Yu Ras involvement in his mothers murder.

The Last Empress111

11 - Betrayal in the Palace

The Grand Empress Dowager overhears Yu Ra and the Emperor talking and learns of their secret. She forbids their love and demands Yu Ra to leave the palace. Later, the Empress tries her best to please the Emperor but following Yu Ras suggestion only angers him. Meanwhile, Wang Shik starts to get closer to the Emperor.

The Last Empress113

13 - The Empress Finds Out About the Emperor and Yu Ra

When the Empress sees the Emperor and Ms. Min together kissing on a cruise ship, she realizes she had been a fool but decides to hear him out. The Empress Dowager tracks down the Prince and asks him to come back to the palace, but the Prince slips away and finds refuge at Ddobongs Fried Chicken, Oh Sunnys fathers restaurant. Meanwhile, Woo Bin feels for the Empress and offers his support.

The Last Empress115

15 - Wang Shik Betrays the Empress

While trying to catch the Emperor in the act, the Empress gets entangled in a predicament of her own, putting her loyalty to the Emperor in question. Wang Shik betrays her, and with the Emperors command, he pushes her off a cliff into a river. Meanwhile, Oh Sunnys father gets caught illegally gambling by the authorities again.

The Last Empress117

17 - Who Killed the Grand Empress Dowager?

The Grand Empress Dowager is found dead, and an investigation of her murder begins. The police question each member of the Imperial Family, but none of them confess to the crime. Meanwhile, while clutching on to an envelope given by the Grand Empress Dowager, Ms. Hong tells Sunny of her last words.

The Last Empress119

19 - Baek Ho Enlightens the Empress

Trying to clear her name, the Empress returns to the palace to retrieve a recording device she had hidden in the Emperors chamber. She barely escapes the Emperor and slips away with the help of Wang Shik and Baek Ho. Later, Baek Ho takes her to his secret operation headquarters and reveals to her of the Emperors coverup of murder.

The Last Empress121

21 - The Empress Returns to the Palace

While the Emperor tries to restore his name to the people, Sunny appears boldly before him and forgives him publicly and asks to start again. Reluctantly, without an option, the Emperor and Empress are once again together. To rectify the issue of the Emperors illegitimate child, the Imperial Family accepts Ari as a princess. Meanwhile, the Emperor promotes Wang Shik as the Chief Guard and asks him to court the Empress.

The Last Empress123

23 - Wang Shik Saves His Brother

When Woo Bin arrives at the hospital, Baek Ho tells the Empress that Woo Bin is Wang Shik and that his true identity must stay a secret. Luckily, a contact within the hospital assists in hiding Woo Bins true identity. Meanwhile, Yu Ra finds Dong Shik and secretly tries to send him away.

The Last Empress125

25 - The Prince Returns

When the Emperor tells the Empress Dowager that he had taken care of Yu Ra without her consent, she smiles and embraces him. She then tells him of her decision to dethrone the Crowned Prince. At the Imperial Auditors meeting, a new law is passed to keep the option of an empress regnant. Meanwhile, the Prince gives the Empress the diary of the late Empress So Hyun.

The Last Empress127

27 - Yu Ras Cry for Mercy

The Emperor brings back Yu Ra and forces her to make false statements accusing the Empress Dowager of murdering the Grand Empress Dowager. Sunny also confronts the Empress Dowager with Cheong Dan, the court lady who disappeared after stating she had eaten the poisoned food. Meanwhile, the Empress Dowager denies all accusations, and Woo Bin asks Yu Ra again where she hid Wang Shiks mothers body.

The Last Empress129

29 - The Emperors Jealousy

Wang Shik recovers his mothers body and gives her a proper goodbye. He promises her that he will punish those who are responsible for her death. Sunny stays close by and consoles Wang Shik, and through the empathy, their relationship grows deeper. Meanwhile, the Emperor grows jealous of their relationship and tries to win the Empress back.