The Masters Sun

The Masters Sun (2013)

Sci-Fi & FantasyComédiaDrama15

Joo Joong Won (So Ji Sub) é um frio e ambisioso CEO, que move todas as relações humanas através do dinheiro. Tae Gong Sil (Gong Hyo Jin) é uma sensitiva assistente,que sofre de insônia, devido à sua capacidade de ver fantasmas após um acidente.

So Ji-sub

So Ji-sub

Joo Jоong-won
Gong Hyo-jin

Gong Hyo-jin

Tae Gong-shil
Seo In-guk

Seo In-guk

Kang Woo
Kim Yoo-ri

Kim Yoo-ri

Tae Yi-ryung
Hwang Sun-hee

Hwang Sun-hee

Hanna Brown
Han Bo-reum

Han Bo-reum

Cha Hee-Joo
Park Hee-von

Park Hee-von

Tae Gong-ri
Kim Mi-kyeong

Kim Mi-kyeong

Joo Sung-ran
Kim Bo-ra

Kim Bo-ra

Ha Yoo-jin
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The Masters Sun11

1 -

Joo Joong Won is the CEO of Kingdom Enterprise, and hes only interested in two things: his money and himself. But then he meets Tae Gong Shil, a woman with the ability to see ghosts. Needless to say, they get off to a very rocky start.

The Masters Sun12

2 -

A rumor circulates that the fountain inside of Kingdoms mall is haunted by a female ghost.

The Masters Sun13

3 -

Gong Sil finds a shoe that belongs to the dead wife of one of the shop owners in Kingdom.

The Masters Sun14

4 -

Joong Won agrees to let Gong Sil stay close to him; meanwhile another ghost has shown up at Kingdom Mall.

The Masters Sun15

5 -

A ghost matchmaker warns Gong Sil to be wary of ghosts who might want to use her to return to the living.

The Masters Sun16

6 -

As Gong Sil gets closer to Kang Woo, she worries that hell distance himself if he finds out that she can see ghosts.

The Masters Sun17

7 -

Secretary Kim gets a cold, Gong Sil has to step in as Joong Wons secretary for the day.

The Masters Sun18

8 -

Joong Won finds out the real reason Kang Woo began to work for him.

The Masters Sun19

9 -

Joong Won saves Gong Sil when a piantists dead wife takes over her body.

The Masters Sun110

10 -

Gong Sil warns Joong Wons aunt that an evil spirit is lurking in Joong Wons engagement present.

The Masters Sun111

11 -

Gong Sill meets the ghost of Giant Malls chairman while attending his funeral with Joong Won.

The Masters Sun112

12 -

Gong Sil meets the ghost of a missing child whose mother is desperately searching for him.

The Masters Sun113

13 -

Gong Sil asks the ghost matchmaker to help her find a way to save Joong Won.

The Masters Sun114

14 -

Gong Sil starts her new job helping the ghost matchmaker, meanwhile Secretary Kim is back in Korea.

The Masters Sun115

15 -

Gong Sil meets someone from her past, meanwhile Yi Ryung finally gets her dinner date with Kang Woo.